Siberian Wellness is a Company founded by direct sales professionals

We know what is really important for Business!
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A real opportunity to build a
sustainable international business safe from currency fluctuations!
Truly international business in 65 country of the world.
The number of people who can today buy the PRODUCTS and start the BUSINESS with Siberian Wellness is 2.4 billion or 33% of the world population.
SUPPORT from the Company
The Company provides its Leaders with accomodation, language support and hall for Events.
  • We were the FIRST to calculate incomes of our Consultants in local currencies thus protecting them against currency fluctuations. You get income from all sales in all countries in the currency and in the country which you prefer.
  • Бизнес в разных странах ведется на единый Регистрационный номер. Объемы продаж ВО ВСЕХ странах суммируются и обеспечивают один общий ранг в ГЛОБАЛЬНОЙ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ Компании.
The products were sold, are being sold and will be sold

For 15 years already we have had our own production facilities and on-site Scientific Center.
That means:

  • We have exclusive effective products and always offer new ones;
  • Our products are protected against currency fluctuations;
  • We have the best price/quality ratio;
  • Our products are democratic and trigger demand.
Money is earned from the first month in business!

At once 25% of the uniform product price! There are no customer and distributor prices.
First total network fees from the Group Revenue 350 € (300 points)

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On top of the Compensation Plan commissions monetary and material bonuses!
  • The Quick Start Program bonuses
  • Reward trips from the Company
  • AUTObonuses — a car can be bought half-price or received for free!
  • Financial consulting and support in purchasing your own accommodation
Training system for Consultants in any city or country
The Company constantly organizes MOTIVATIONAL AND TRAINING Events in ALL MARKETS. Any Consultant of the company from any country can take part. Or Consultants can study online.
We know the advantages of our products and business and more than 1000 Consultants are joining Siberian Wellness EVERY DAY!

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