Online purchase and delivery terms

These general terms for online purchase and delivery have been developed to help customers. We recommend you to read them. They are applied to the website located at (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). The Website is owned by SIBIRSKO ZDRAVE BULGARIA OOD (hereinafter, Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC) registered with the Trade Registry of the Registration Agency, UIC (unique identification code): 175112498, location and address of the government body: 18 Nikolai Liliev St., Lozenetz District, Sofia 1421.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC reserves the right to add or remove any parts of the general terms listed below, at its own discretion and at any time. The Website visitors are obliged to check the conditions with every visit immediately before the Website use. If a visitor proceeds with using the Website after the message on amendment of these conditions has been published, it will be deemed as the visitor's agreement and acceptance of these amendments.

Hereby, you agree that all your subsequent purchases are governed by general online purchase and delivery conditions applied before the publication of their amendments and then according to the newly amended general conditions.

Goods ordering conditions at described in the invoice sent to you govern original sales and purchase transaction except for the cases when the Client has concluded a separate written contract with Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC.

By ordering a product in the SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store (both online or otherwise) or by accepting the delivery of such products according to the sent invoice, you accept and agree to comply with these general conditions of Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend these conditions at any time and without advance notice.

These conditions are not subject to addition or amendment by applying another document/other documents. Any attempt to amend or add the text to these conditions is invalid and does not cause actions without a written approval.

To buy goods and/or services at our Website, you have to:

  •     be eighteen (18) or more years old;
  •     have an permanent address in Bulgaria or in another EU member country;
  •     express an consent to these General Conditions;
  •     indicate accurate and valid phone number and delivery address;
  •     provide access and ability to receive the goods.

You have to be registered to purchase products. It is enough to enter the delivery address every time you place an order. After choosing the product, the customer shall enter the amount he/she wants to order. To confirm the order, choose the "Confirm" button in the cart. The cart contents will be displayed with the calculated sum of all selected products (if more than one). The delivery cost will be calculated automatically when you enter the delivery address.

The Client receives a confirmation email to the indicated email address. Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC is entitled to request additional confirmation of any information entered by the customer or clarify order details, including by phone, fax, or email. If accuracy of the entered information is not proven or if the order is insufficiently detailed, your order will be automatically cancelled with or without the notice.

Despite the fact that Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC does not permit to use its services by the persons under 18 years of age, the goods can still be ordered by children. In such cases, Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC is not responsible for the minors' activities, which is the responsibility of their guardians.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC advises parents to take measures in case they do not want to be responsible for the goods ordered and/or paid to Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC.

According to the national legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, only national currency can be used for payments. The payments for all purchases at the Website are made in the national currency only, irrespective of the method of payment. The prices are indicated in the Bulgarian national currency only.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC is a company registered in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act. The indicated prices are final (including VAT).

The following payment methods are available at the Website:

  •     • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro

Hereby, it is considered that you have been notified on the possibility and probability that the information on particular goods or products may contain inaccurate or incomplete data, including the price or the product availability. Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC warns that it is possible that the information contained herein is currently inaccurate or incomplete. Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC reserves the right to correct errors and/or update the Website contents at any time and without advance notice.

9. REFUSE TO DELIVER THE GOODS BY Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC
Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC is entitled to refuse or cancel all orders for the products and/or services indicated with an erroneous price, discount, or compensation, or containing other inaccurate information or misprints. All such orders may be rejected or cancelled irrespective of whether they have been initially confirmed. If these orders have been paid, Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC undertakes to issue a credit note on the amount of charge to the buyer's account.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC reserves the right to reject an order, if the order has been placed by the Client who regularly cancels the orders or if there is a doubt that the Client provides accurate or complete information.

Each Client is entitled to reject ordered goods within 7 (SEVEN) WORKING DAYS from their receipt if they have not been used, their package integrity has not been compromised, or they are in their initial condition, in accordance to Article 55 with reference to Article 54 of the Consumer protection laws. Along with the product, the Client must send the cash voucher or invoice for which the product was purchased.

If, within 24 hours from receiving this product, its defect is identified, and if a marketable condition of the goods and the package are not compromised, Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC undertakes to replace it with a new one according to the warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer or recover the goods cost paid by the Client, within the deadlines provided for by Article 55, paragraph 6 of the Consumer protection laws. Upon the expiry of the period for the customer to exercise his/her right to reject or in cases of impaired goods marketable condition or packaging, the goods are neither returned or replaced. Transport and other costs associated with the receipt and return of the goods in such cases are paid by the customer.

If Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC, for whatever reason, cannot execute its contractual responsibilities, the customer will be timely informed and paid amounts will be recovered within thirty (30) days from the date when Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC should have exercised its contractual responsibility. In this case, Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC has an alternative possibility to provide to the customer the goods and services of the same quality and for the same price by notifying the customer on the changes in the performance. In case of inappropriate performance of the order and if the customer exercises his/her right to reject the transaction, the expenses for the goods return are paid by the supplier.


  •     All deliveries within Bulgaria are made using the following courier companies: Econt Express.
  •     Deliveries outside Bulgaria are made through Aramex.
  •     Deliveries are made according to express delivery tariffs of the respective company.
  •     Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC bears the costs for the ordered goods delivery insurance.

The products are sold in accordance with the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Personal data are collected solely to service customers. Without the necessary data, Clients cannot be serviced. Personal data are entered with every actual purchase by the customer and are used once. Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC does not create a customer database.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC undertakes to avoid transfer, sell, or otherwise distribution of your personal data to any third parties except for the cases provided for by the law or a court ruling.

Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC undertakes to avoid sending unsolicited commercial messages without the Client's consent.

The authorities exercising control over the activities of Siberian Wellness – Bulgaria LLC and associated sellers are Commission for Consumer Rights Protection and Food Safety Authority.

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